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Spiritology: top news from Spiritology
(Published on February 11 - 1998)
Spiritology - Psychography (Spiritual channeling)
(Published on March 13 - 1998)


Very important report!

You certainly know about Psychology - specifically regarding psychological alterations and causing problems.
And you certainly don't ignore the Philosophy - as well imponderabled Science - that since ancient times is trying to find and to teach compatible moral adaptation to live, and the more acceptable purpose of the same life.

After that, and a part theological, and various spiritualised preachings of Religious, is more than probably that never before you had notice of Spiritology.
Given that Spiritology is a still neglected cultural subject - in spite that be in itself a new as eternal  Science; concerning knowing and teaching of Spiritual truth - but directly flowing by the Psychography.

The Psychography, really not this the news, because already well known as 'Spiritual channelling' to place among the more ancient transcendental Gift of communication between the human and the Divine.
By which mean (of Psychography) went written the sacred books of Bible, Saint Koran, Baghavad-Gita, and so on...

Then surely flowing from high sources of Truth, absolutely do not confuse with Spiritism or other mediumistic practices in loss conscience.

In fact that veritable Psychography came spontaneously activated, and flow normally heart-mind in words; as it was predisposed cerebral channels to receive knowledge (a interchange communications) from and with beyond high entities.
On which regard (and for the salvation of such confused and feared humanity) it should be extremely important non prejudiced explorations by anthropologist and various scientists. 
However to inform  that from last years to the present there was an increasing flouring of this meta-psychic practise.

Maybe due to the terrible moral confusion and existential anxiety dominating in modern World; but for that even in spasmodic waiting of more advanced Spiritual knowledge.
As needed in rapport to the exigencies of extremely activate mind systems; ready to receipt rationalised even the more astonishing Spiritual rationalised even the more astonishing Spiritual Truths beyond life.

Just that we are trying to Culturise with the Spiritology; which Charismatics Founder is the Poet-Writer and of course Spiritologyst: Vittoria Sanvito, that thanks you, hoping in collaborative good reviews.
As well giving full disponibility for any further explications on Spiritology.

Spiritology - Psychography (Spiritual channeling)
(Published on March 13 - 1998)

Given the increasing interest for the Spiritology - and in it for the Psychography (Internationally registered: ''Spiritual Channeling) - by now more and more diffusing practise specially in Europe and joined so called most developed western World.

Well that so exceptional transcending fact - Spiritologically explained to happens because already utterly unbearable life-mind psychic stress; is not less to understand such unusual Psychographic activation - as a Divine's Gift helping right preparation of Spiritual and Civil new Conscience, dignifying to overpass the fatidical threshold of the nearest Third Millennium.

To which epochal event that will be the ''finish re-starting'' of this most Graced and ultra-favoured Christina Cycle along such dark tormentous story of the humanity; all of us more evolved and senzient person, has at least to do any effort to better one's ethics and inner Spiritual condition.

While much more is required to powerful man and however to renounced influent Personalities - emergently called to give the highest moral and Civil good example; as the most efficacious mean to emulative incentivate right and good Social behaviors; So naturally eclipsing the wronghest blamed customs, but the even worst amoral loose of essential Principles and Values guiding wise discerning and holding human Dignity.

Well that all considered - but forother pressed to concretize of public fruition such edifying Psychographic messages, from high Spiritual Entities - we are now happy to inform whether trustfuls than sceptics already following Spiritology on Rete Civica of Milano which is and will remain fully dedicated to culturize Psychographic  reports, from several high Spiritual Entities.

Moreover informing that any valuable Psychography report, in whatever language, if required, will be free published on this proper Sites: Spiritology - Psychography on rete civica of Milano

Just to consent public fruition of these initiatic, admonishing and Spiritually guiding reports, to understand as the greatest love's Gift by the Divine Love.



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