On Tuesdays, we meet at El Paso de Los Toros, close to Cinema Arcobaleno, to have an aperitivo before the movie! And for you it's just €3,80 for the movie!!! €2,70 off normal price!

We hope it's clear enough it's a social event and we are NOT tickets' resellers!

(If you want to go to the movies by yourselves, buy a 10-entries card at the cinema!)

Arriving last minute? Never again without ticket or with a seat in the first row! 

Now the number of tickets sold in the bar is LIMITED!!! So...

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January 2013

15 MOONRISE KINGDOM by W. Anderson con E. Norton, B. Willis - 99’ -  sottotitoli in italiano

Vuoi vedere dei film in inglese a Milano. Magari in compagnia? Con  noi potrai seguire le rassegne sound & motion pictures con film in inglese, sottotitolati o no, prevalentemente al cinema Arcobaleno, con  uno sconto sul biglietto d'ingresso. Tieni vivo il tuo inglese con i film in lingua originale!